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Rumination and Pondering

Is it Karma that Adam Silver sanctioned Donald Sterling or am I thinking about it too deeply? I’ll leave it to readers to decide.

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One Response to “Rumination and Pondering”

  1. Dave Lewison Says:

    Sterling will have the last laugh, even though the world has laughed at him until recently. What he’s said and done is not funny. His team has been a laughingstock since he bought it for peanuts. As far as timing goes, he couldn’t have picked a better time to publicly confirm that he has issues. He’s been offered $2 billion to sit down, shut up and find something else to do. Of course he’s fighting it on the principal instead of shopping for a new yacht. Nobody said he’s smart, though he is rich with an offer to become insanely rich. I would consider taking $2 billion for something I bought for under $50 million in exchange for saying some stupid things.

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