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Whatis Whois?

WHOIS databases often contain valuable information including the contact information for a registrant of a domain name. Although private registrations are increasingly more popular, and hide the name and location of a registrant, such private registration services nonetheless are required to provide an e-mail address for a registrant, which effectively allows the public to correspond with a registrant.

Rather than choosing to utilize a private registration service, some registrants choose instead to provide false WHOIS information in an effort to mask their true identity and to prevent consumers from contacting them. However, all accredited registrars have agreed with ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) to obtain contact information from registrants, to provide it publicly by a WHOIS service, and to take reasonable steps to investigate and correct any reported inaccuracies in contact information for domain names registered through them.

Many registrars have provided mechanisms for the reporting cases of invalid WHOIS information, which are then investigated by the registrar, and updated with valid information in appropriate cases. The registrar, for example, provides a form for reporting invalid WHOIS information at the following web address:

Consumers who are initially unsuccessful in submitting invalid WHOIS notifications directly to a registrar, may also try submitting such notifications through ICANN as well at the following web address:

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